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Search for Bagong Bayani Awards 2009

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Bagong Bayani Awards 2009

The Bagong Bayani Foundation Inc. (BBFI) in cooperation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announced their search for 2009 Bagong Bayani Awardees as officailly open.

The Bagong Bayani Awards pay tribute to the countries outstanding Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as the new heroes of our time. We give due recognition to their significant efforts in fostering goodwill among people of the world, enhancing the image of the Filipino as a competent and responsible worker and contributing to the nation foreign exchange earnings.

The general pre-qualifying criterias for the nomination of any Filipino working overseas landbased or seabased are as follows.

· Must be or has been OFW for at least two(2) years
· He has no past or present criminal or derogatory records.
· Must be at good moral standing or has received recognition from past or present employer for
exemplary behavior or outstanding service; and
· The employment contract must have been processed by the Philippine Overseas Employment
Administration (POEA)

Deadline of nomination will be on or before May 29, 2009 so submit now your nominees.

Links below are the guidelines, application form and reminder about the deadline from the POEA for your reference.

1) POEA Letter to POLO Korea:

2) Bagong Bayani Awards Criteria:

3) Bagong Bayani Awards Nomination Form:

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