Thursday, September 25, 2008

Binyagan sa Honamdong Church, 2008

Welcome to the Christian world - babies...

Several babies were baptized, some of their parents were not there because they have work.

Many eager ninong and ninangs among the migrant workers. Some migrant families had their babies baptized as well and Korean couples (relative of Pinoy-Korean couple) joined and had their babies baptized as well.

So there was a party afterwards where families pitched-in their share for the salo-salu (meals/gathering).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Josephine: Grape Seller at Suncheon City

On the road of Suncheon, on our way back home after paying tribute and praying to the ancestors of the husband of Prof. Young-im Kim (Celebration of Chuseok - Korean Thanksgiving Day) we stopped at a stall of grape seller.

Distinguishable in my feature, the seller asked if I am Filipino whom I also recognize to be Filipina so we made an acquaintance. Her name is Josephine, from Davao City, 13 years married in Korea through the moonies, with two sons. Her family and in-laws had been to the Philippines four times. Aside from helping with the farm work she also works at a Kia Factory.

She seems so happy with her life here in Korea. The husband she said is very kind. Her son with her seems shy but has a cute warm smile. The mother-in-law is very generous she added more grapes in our box and gave us even cucumber for "service" - add-on or bonus.

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