Sunday, April 6, 2008

6th Migrants Community Day - Gwangju

This coming 27 of April 2008, Honamdong Church will hold its 6th Migrants Community Day. The theme for this year's celebration is Open Hands, Open Hearts. It is an expression of the warm reception that migrants receives from Koreans and their wholehearted willingness to reciprocate to Koreans hospitality and acceptance.

The event will be participated in by various nationalities of Asia that includes Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Japanese and others. Although it is expected that there will be more migrant workers coming from different countries who will be participating, Asian women who are married to Koreans and their children are also part of the program.

The event will be started with a con-celebrated mass that will be officiated by Fr. Froilan, a Franciscan priest from the Philippines together with Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean priests.

The Philippine Ambassador to Korea was invited to give the opening remarks for this affair. As seen in the program there will be variety of numbers that will showcase talents and creativity of different nations. A drama will be performed by migrant workers who themselves wrote, and directed the drama. A Filipino migrant workers band is expected to perform. Citation and Acknowledgment of Best Migrant Worker and Best Family will be awarded during the event.

There will also be a raffle draw. The ticket is sold at KRW 2,000.00/ticket. Prizes include video camera, digital camera, DVD Player, and various consolation prizes. The proceeds that will be collected from the sale of tickets will go to the Migrant Workers Fund of Honamdong Church Apostolate to Migrants. The fund is used to provide emergency assistance to workers, small medical benefit and for other support or contingencies that might be needed by migrant workers.

Invitation & Program

Sister Stefania leading the meeting for the last preparation for the 6th Migrants Community Day.

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